The Co-operative Bank Re-brand

About This Project

The Co-operative Bank is the only NZ bank that shares its profits with its customers. The bank originated as a Public Services Savings Co-operative, but needed to grow and embrace the wider financial market. They tasked us with pushing through a company-wide evolution, not just in their customer facing communications, but also a re-energising of the internal culture and purpose.


We created an entirely new brand using the double ‘O’s to create the prosperity loop, signifying the perpetual flow of profits circulating within the collective, instead of flowing to off-shore owners. We brought this to life instore, digitally, in animated TVC endframes, and across all print collateral – giving The Co-operative Bank an unmistakably concise and approachable brand.


Since launching the new brand the bank has grown quickly, with new customer numbers doubling, and awareness and brand appreciation tripling.


Design direction, design


Josh Moore ECD, James Wendelborn Designer.



Advertising, Brand, Katongo & Co.